Will This New Contracting Rule Slow Down Your Federal Sales?

Photo of Steve Charlesby Steve Charles, Co-founder & Executive Vice President

A new procurement rule adds an additional step in the process that could make it harder for your customers to use the contract vehicle of their choice to buy your products.

Effective December 13, 2010, federal agency buyers planning to place an order against another agency’s indefinite-delivery contract vehicle for a particular item must first make a written determination that this vehicle is “the best procurement approach” for the item(s) being procured.

Read this month’s issue of Public Sector Business Alert to learn how the new contract vehicle determination requirement can impact your sales, and see our list of six practical tips you should take now to protect your business.

About Steve Charles
Passionate about technology and helping our clients help the government with the latest. I try to educate people on all the government's checks and balances that really seem likes hoops and hurdles so buyers and sellers can get to a meeting of the minds much more quickly without violating any rules.

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