Anything and Everything-as-a-Service

by Stephanie Sullivan, Consultant

Cloud computing is creating an evolutionary environment where potentially anything goes. Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) could be the gateway that will lead GSA to a more cost effective, streamlined, and service oriented approach to buy and share IT resources. EaaS was a major highlight from the recent Multiple Award Government & Industry (MAGIC) Conference held in Arlington, VA on July 26-27.

This approach is not without its challenges and complexities, but the pay off could provide a way to leverage a cloud business model where GSA pays for usage of various services and solutions without an upfront capital expense, and with the ability to both deploy rapidly and scale quickly.

Kevin Page, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Integrated Technology Service at GSA who was a keynote speaker at the MAGIC conference, explained that EaaS could be looked at as a solution “where you pay by the sip, and then you’re done with it and the relationship is over.”

Expect EaaS to be widely adopted across DOD and Civilian agencies as budget constraints continue to loom.

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