Opportunities in the Air Force

Rick Antonucci_65x85By Rick Antonucci, Analyst

The U.S. Air Force is a vast and sprawling organization that relies heavily on technology due to its unique mission. The Air Force’s base budget request for FY14 is $114 billion – 4% higher than FY13’s request (although actual apportionment may differ, depending on the impending omnibus) and the IT budget request is roughly $5.5 billion. The Air Force will likely spend close to that – somewhere around $5.4 billion, which represents a 2% increase from FY13.

Unfortunately its organizational landscape can be complex and even confusing making it difficult to find out where key people and organizations controlling these purse strings reside. It’s important to remember that the Air Force component offices all have unique requirements gathered by representatives from the Air Staff or Air Force Secretariat for the benefit of shared systems that are leveraged across the department. These shared systems range from HR, financial, and logistics systems to those involving networks and infrastructure, operational command and control, as well as cybersecurity. Shared systems and investments such as DEAMS, IPPS, GCSS, and AFNET bring requirements together from multiple disparate component organizations, but are centrally managed.

Learn more as we take an in-depth look at Air Force IT insertion points on January 23 at 2:00 p.m. to gain insight into:

  • How the new omnibus budget could impact IT spending
  • How responsibilities have changed across Air Force organizations
  • How to craft effective messaging to address Air Force’s technology challenges
  • What major technology requirements to expect in FY14
  • Which programs represent actionable opportunities for the IT product community

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