Up to Speed on NETCENTS-2?

Photo of Doug Gainesby Doug Gaines, Director of Corporate Development

Air Force customers released the first RFQs through the newly awarded NETCENTS-2 Products contract in January, and the last few weeks have shown a steady rise in activity. Is your team engaged and ready to leverage it?

In our discussions with clients and partners, we have found many to be surprised by the contract’s flexibility and ease of use.  For example:

  • Scope includes essentially any IT product (software or hardware) and product-related services
  • No contract catalog approval required, products just need to meet contract and RFQ requirements
  • Decentralized ordering allows any USAF (or in some cases, other agency) contract shop to issue an RFQ and cut an order
  • No contract fees on orders
  • Contracting process can support rapid turnarounds and high order volumes

The NETCENTS-2 Products contract is mandatory for USAF use in procuring in-scope products, and as more customers realize the benefits and efficiencies it offers them, its use will continue to grow.

Furthermore, the prime contractors on the expanding list of NETCENTS-2 services ID/IQs are required to procure IT products from NETCENTS-2 Products primes.

immixGroup is actively expanding our relationships with these services contractors and is seeing an increase in RFQs to support their task order requirements.

As a prime contractor on this ID/IQ contract, we are heavily engaged with systems integrators as well as our manufacturers, partners, and Air Force customers to help drive the smooth procurement process and growing business the vehicle can support.

For more information on the contract and how to use it visit www.immixgroup.com/NETCENTS2, contact your account team, or inquire at NETCENTS2@immixgroup.com.

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