RFI Released for Networx Contracts Replacement

Mohamad Elbarasse_headshot_7-23-2013_For WordPressby Mohamad ElbarasseAnalyst

The General Services Administration is looking to replace and improve upon its’ Networx contract vehicle. GSA released an RFI for the Network Services 2020 Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (NS2020 EIS) initiative asking for input on its’ acquisition strategy and comments on the proposed strategy, responses are due by May 8, 2014.

Networx is a set of contracts for civilian telecommunications and is split up into two vehicles: Networx Universal and Networx Enterprise. The primary difference between the two is the program ceiling, which is $48.1 billion for Networx Universal and just $20.1 billion for Networx Enterprise. Networx saved American taxpayers $678 million in 2013 alone, with agencies saving between 30% and 60% on services when compared to commercial rates.

NS2020 EIS will include the requirements for the Networx successor contracts and additional capabilities to meet the ever expanding needs of the federal governments’ telecommunications infrastructure through 2028. Vendors with technologies that can address infrastructure solutions, satellites, and mobility and wireless solutions should definitely take heed since NS2020 EIS is following up one of the largest set of government contracts to date. In addition, the RFI also calls out advisory services, emerging technologies and shared services as major program areas as well.

The RFI is part of a grander strategy that GSA is pursuing known as Network Services 2020. The strategy aims to lower overall costs to the government through reduced acquisition costs and savings through aggregated volume buying, accommodating the governments’ wide range of purchasing patterns, providing agility and flexibility and facilitating the ease of transition. These goals are intended to make NS2020 the strategic sourcing center for government telecommunications and IT in the near future.

This RFI represents a major opportunity at the largest buyer for government technology and providing input early on will increase the chance that your products will find a place on this vehicle. To reiterate, if you sell products that can address telecommunications requirements such as voice/video services, data services, data center services, mobility solutions, and government shared services this is an RFI you should be responding to.

2 Responses to RFI Released for Networx Contracts Replacement

  1. Greg Moreau says:

    I was honored to have headed up the proposal team for one of the three winners of Networx Universal 10 years ago. I personally ran the Technical Volume, which eventually ran to 1,700 pages. Section C was more than 1,200 pages. The Management Volume was 500 pages! Boy was SAIC PO’d that a lowly contractor headed up the whole thing for a major telecommunications company–they were on the Red Team and slaughtered me, but we made it through the entire process with flying colors. 😉

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