Office of the Secretary of Defense on the Hunt for a BPM Suite — RSVP by 4 p.m. Today for OSD’s Industry Day

Rick Antonucci_65x85by Rick Antonucci, Analyst

A new opportunity has sprung up for BPM manufacturers. The Office of the Secretary of Defense released a Sources Sought notice on FBO for a Business Process Management suite last Tuesday. OSD’s Program Development and Implementation office within the Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy Office is interested in sourcing a COTS or GOTS BPM suite to support DOD procurement efforts. To that end they will be hosting an industry day in McLean, VA on September 19th with RSVPs due on the 16th with second industry day anticipated in mid to late October.

Right now OSD is looking to conduct market research to gather information from industry on available solutions for BPM suites with Full and Open competition anticipated down the line. Responses to the sources sought notice are due on September 26th.

This is a great opportunity for manufacturers to find a place for BPM solutions within DOD and be part of a lucrative contract. When approaching customers at the industry day, center messaging around how your tools can help them mitigate risk of data loss or security breaches. Additionally, customers want to know that they will experience a smooth transition when implementing your new solution and that best practices for implementation will be used to guarantee cost-effectiveness.

OSD’s sources sought notice is a perfect opportunity for BPM players in industry to knock the ball out of the park and show they can help the government achieve real efficiencies through the use of effective IT.

2 Responses to Office of the Secretary of Defense on the Hunt for a BPM Suite — RSVP by 4 p.m. Today for OSD’s Industry Day

  1. randy logan says:

    Has a decision be made on a vendor?

  2. LOMBARDI BPM says:

    Thank you for your giving good information. to manufacturers it will help lot

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