DOD RFI Invites Cloud Vendors into Federal Data Centers

Rick Antonucci_65x85

by Rick Antonucci, Analyst

Cloud Vendors into Federal Data CentersLast week DISA released a Request for Information exploring ways for cloud service providers (CSPs) to use DOD-owned data centers to provide private cloud services for the military. One option DISA is contemplating is allowing private providers to lease rack and server space in their data centers to provide the cloud services through their Data Center Leasing Model (DCLM). CSPs selected to provide these services would undergo the required security vetting necessary to operate inside DOD data centers.

Another option DISA is considering would allow the provider to have an on-site container located outside the building that would be filled with hardware necessary for the provider to operate the private cloud. Both of these options would for the first time, allow a CSP to host data classification levels 5 and 6, which are the most sensitive levels of data. This RFI could potentially pave the way for CSPs to make major inroads within DISA and DOD for the provision of cloud services.

Opportunities not only exist in cloud storage, but also include virtualization as DISA would have the CSP manage groups of virtual machines ranging from around 10,000 to over 200,000.  When speaking to personnel at DISA it is important to remember that security will be DISA’s main consideration in addition to keeping the hardware largely under their control. Make sure your messaging strategy is centered on not only providing cloud services but also on providing security and the ways your solution can generate efficiencies.

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