Sales & Marketing: It’s Time to “Socialize” Together

Photo of Allan RubinI hear a lot of marketers express mixed feelings on their social media and content marketing programs. They’re excited by what they’ve produced but frustrated by the difficulty in measuring any meaningful impact from their efforts.

One area that is critical to success is closer collaboration between marketing and sales. In a previous blog post I wrote about how reliant marketers are on their colleagues in sales to distribute content and marketing materials. I explored this in greater depth in a new guest blog post I wrote for Federal Marketing Insights and I wanted to share it with you.

Check out “The Circular Problem: Getting Sales to Engage in Content and Social Media.” I invite you to share your experiences in this area.

In addition, I hope you’ll join me in person to discuss this and related topics at the upcoming Government IT Sales Summit, held on November 20 in McLean, Virginia. I’m hosting a panel entitled “Influencing the Conversation: Social Media & Content Marketing” with a number of B2G marketing experts. It’s one of many sessions specifically for companies that sell and market technology to the government. Others will focus on sales opportunities, market intelligence, channel management, working with systems integrators, government contract strategies, recurring revenue, and more. We’ve also got a great lineup of current and former government officials who will discuss agency priorities in cloud, cybersecurity, big data, and data center optimization. I hope you’ll join us for a full day of networking and sales opportunities.

One Response to Sales & Marketing: It’s Time to “Socialize” Together

  1. Hey Allan, excellent article you published on Federal Marketing Insights. I encourage your readers to click through from this blog post. They should also be sure check out the comment section in the article for my take on best practices to align content creation with measurable sales outcomes.

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