Coming Next Week: Deltek’s FedFocus 2015

Rick Antonucci_65x85by Rick Antonucci, Analyst

Now that the end-of-fiscal-year selling season is over, planning time is upon us. As we prepare for our upcoming Government IT Sales Summit, we’re gathering information and insight from a number of other valuable events. One of those is Deltek’s FedFocus 2015 Event – Trends and Outlook for Government Contractors in the Next Year.

We agree with our friends at Deltek  that while modest growth has returned to the market, budgets continue to be challenged, forcing agencies to make hard decisions about which investments to pursue and which to shelve.  At the same time, major changes are taking place in the acquisition and contracting environment, including consolidation of GSA schedules and rule changes for small business contracting. Building a successful plan depends on having good data and good insight to make informed decisions.

Deltek’s FedFocus 2015 conference will be a great place to gather the latest research on the spending, acquisitions, and policy outlook for FY15.

The Deltek event will provide insight into the key forces currently shaping the size and direction of the federal marketplace, including:

  • Analysis of trends in the federal marketplace and how they impact 2015 spending
  • Opportunities and contracts to watch and what they tell us about the contracting landscape for 2015
  • New rules for small business contracting
  • Trends in government contract vehicles and task order spending
  • Update on consolidation of GSA schedules

The Deltek event will be held next week on Thursday, October 30. To get their take on the IT services market, follow this link to register today.

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