NIST’s Immediate Need for an Enterprise Backup Software Solution

Chris Wiedemann_65 x 85by Chris Wiedemann, Senior Analyst

COTS vendors Row of network servers in data centerthat sell continuity of operations (COOP), disaster recovery, or enterprise backup software should get in touch with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the next few days. NIST’s Infrastructure Service Division at the National Center for Neuron Research is responsible for storing and sharing large quantities of mission-critical data, and they have a pressing need for enterprise-level backup capabilities. They’re looking to replace their current backup software with a new solution that will allow them to back up a virtualization platform, physical servers, and desktops, as well as network-attached appliances (in other words, the whole nine yards).

This requirement is mission critical for NIST, as the solicitation says, “having a timely and available backup of the source data is paramount to the operations at NIST, as well as maintaining a disaster recovery scenario and offsite copies of all source data and created work,” so be sure to lead with your technical capabilities in your response, and demonstrate how your best-in-breed technology can ensure the agency can reliably deliver on its mission.

Check out the solicitation here and remember the final response deadline is April 17th (next Friday), so get ready to hit the ground running if you’re looking for a quick win for your enterprise backup solution.

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