OSD Agencies Counting on the Cloud to Optimize IT Operations

Mark Wisingerby Mark Wisinger, Analyst

Cloud computing Cloudis set to take off within the specialty agencies that fall under the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) — an often overlooked part of the DOD. Agencies like the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) are all pushing to incorporate the cloud.

The Defense Logistics Agency, one of the largest OSD agencies, is currently developing a cloud computing strategy and sees the cloud as a necessary complement to its efforts at downsizing overhead and consolidating its data centers. Part of this strategy may mean greater reliance on DOD’s private cloud. DLA plans to move many of its applications, including email and collaboration services, to DISA’s hosting service. However, the DLA is also looking for ways to leverage commercial cloud and they are currently evaluating the most appropriate approach. DLA’s #1 goal for FY15 and FY16 is driving IT efficiency and the agency sees cloud solutions as means to getting there.

The Defense Commissary Agency is further along in its cloud computing efforts, having already developed a robust cloud computing strategy. As its mission, the DeCA sells groceries and household goods to service members and their families, a role that with a surprisingly high cybersecurity risk.  As a result, DeCA emphasizes the importance of data protection in future cloud efforts.

The Missile Defense Agency’s state priority this year is to “transform our data and computing centers for cloud services.” To this end, MDA is looking to implement a cloud environment that consolidates infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service.  Any cloud-managed service must meet the agile demands of the agency’s ballistic missile defense program.

OSD agencies offer significant opportunities for COTS vendors in the cloud market. While smaller than the military services, OSD agencies have their own IT budgets and priorities. The DLA, MDA, and DeCA in particular provide key insertion points for cloud COTS vendors. Stay tuned for blog posts focusing on opportunities within OSD agencies.

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