New Developments in the FirstNet RFP

Tom O'KeefeTomas O’Keefe, Consultant, Market Intelligence

I’ve written New Developments in the FirstNet RFP about the First Responder Network, FirstNet, on this blog before because it’s a fantastic opportunity all COTS vendors should know about. TJ Kennedy, the acting executive director of FirstNet, just announced they’re having to delay the release of the FirstNet RFP until early 2016, which means you have more time to form teaming arrangements and conversations with program officers to gauge what technologies they’re looking to invest in.

The First Responder Network Authority is a part of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, under the Department of Commerce. However, due to the nature of FirstNet, you’ll find stakeholders throughout the broader federal law enforcement community, including the Department of Homeland Security and Justice. Additionally, because the network is being directed towards first responders, states, localities, and tribal governments are also going to be involved in the decision making process for the development of this new network. And don’t be surprised if DOD doesn’t get involved with this process, because they might be interested in leveraging certain aspects of this public safety network as well.

The FirstNet Draft RFP has already been released, and government continues to respond to industry questions about the program. I encourage you to read up on the bevy of information available on this program. FirstNet is going to include more than just hardware. Expect a robust application ecosystem, cybersecurity tools, and program and project management software to be in high demand to ensure the success of FirstNet. If your technology solution can function in a mobile environment, protect critically sensitive broadband data as it travels throughout the network, and integrate federal, state, local, and tribal systems together, the First Responder Network Authority should be your next call.

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About Tomas O'Keefe
Tom O'Keefe has over 10 years of market research experience as an Analyst and Consultant in the federal space. He also earned an MA in Political Science from George Mason University. He has covered both civilian and defense agencies and has presented to clients ranging from junior-level associates to executives from some of the largest Systems Integrators and contractors in the federal marketplace.

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