Time to Wring Complexity out of Public Sector Deal Registration

Bob Laclede 100x135by Bob Laclede, Vice President, Channels

There’s Time to Wring Complexity out of Public Sector Deal Registrationlittle doubt that deal registration continues to pull its weight as a mechanism to reward and encourage reseller partners. But when it comes down to managing day-to-day deals in the real world, many partners find existing programs a bit of a chore, our latest research finds.

In particular, the challenges of registering, submitting, updating, and maintaining deals represent significant administrative burdens to partners, according to the Government Channel Leadership Council’s (GCLC) 2015 State of Public Sector Deal Registration survey. The research, conducted in the first quarter of 2015, queried 120 partners 100 vendors that deal in the public sector marketplace.

Immediately clear in this year’s research: Channel partners surveyed want vendors to wring out complexity in current programs and streamline the registration and approval processes. Some 39 percent of partners say that vendors’ deal registration programs are only moderately clear, concise, and well-documented, with 15 percent giving OEMs overall poor marks for the clarity and usability of their programs.

Vendors, not surprisingly, don’t see the issue the same way; more than half (53 percent) feel their programs are not very complex or not complex at all.

The disconnect is evident throughout this year’s survey, where partners bemoan complications in public-sector deal registration programs, referring to them as “cumbersome,” “frustrating,” “inconsistent,” and “difficult to navigate.”

“A good registration program should be fair to VAR and OEM, quick to enter (10 minutes or less), and remain renewable with adequate VAR feedback and effort. Programs garnering less than 7 percent additional margin points are almost a waste of time and not worth it,” wrote one public sector IT reseller.

To sort out the complexity issue and get public-sector reseller partners fully on board with deal registration, GCLC encourages vendors to emphasize simple, user-friendly deal registration portals self-service tools for partner engagement. The onus is also on partners to deliver deal registration programs with easy-to-navigate administration, clear lines of communication with account managers, and a transparent review process for approvals.

To download your copy of the GCLC 2015 State of Public Sector Deal Registration survey, go to http://response.immixgroup.com/GCLCDealRegistration.

The Government Channel Leadership Council was created by immixGroup to provide a forum for sharing best practices, information and ideas about the public sector IT market. GCLC members include channel management executives from leading IT manufacturers that sell to the public sector. To join the GCLC’s LinkedIn group, click here.

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