SOCOM’s New Office to Become Lead on Sourcing Mobility and Cloud Solutions

SOCOM_MWMark Wisingerby Mark Wisinger, Analyst

Recent changes at SOCOM (Special Operations Command) reflect the organization’s increasing need for mobility and cloud solutions. In case you didn’t know, SOCOM’s acquisition structure is similar to that of the Service branches: the Program Executive Offices (PEOs) are responsible for IT procurement and program management. SOCOM’s PEO C4 handles acquisition for IT products through its program portfolio.

At the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, SOCOM unveiled a new division office under PEO C4 called, Next Generation Infrastructure. This new office is responsible for identifying cutting-edge commercial off-the-shelf solutions for networking, in the areas of network security and storage. This includes technologies such as mobility, mobility networking, identity management, and the cloud. SOCOM has always prioritized infrastructure and telecommunications as the cornerstone to maintaining connectivity with warfighters in the field.

Along with infrastructure, an increased focus on mobility and cloud is not surprising, as this will help SOCOM implement the Special Operations Forces Information Environment (SIE). SIE is SOCOM’s version of a Joint Information Environment (JIE), allowing them to consolidate IT services and capabilities, better protect their infrastructure, and lead to cost avoidance. SOCOM’s CIO, Mr. John Wilcox, has predicted, “By 2020, I expect 85% of our force will connect to the SIE using mobile devices, from home, while in garrison, and when deployed.” The new Next Generation Infrastructure office will serve as the prime SOCOM insertion point for cloud and mobility technologies.

As the JIE and SIE become more of a reality, expect significant resources to be dedicated to this office to help them implement solutions for cloud hosting and applications rationalization, mobile device management, and mobile applications.

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