Market Segmentation Pivotal to Navigating the SLED Market

Compass_RERachel Eckertby Rachel Eckert, Senior Analyst

Navigating the SLED market at times can be like embarking on a journey through 50 individual fiefdoms — and moving from state to state sometimes requires a translator. Each state likes to use their own nomenclature and naming conventions; the Department of Health in one state is Department of Public Health in another or Department of Healthcare & Family Services in yet another.

While each state has its own dialect, identifying a shared language can make it easier to find opportunities, leverage successes, and grow your business in the SLED market. Fortunately, there is a common language: Market Segmentation. Standardized market segments allow us to draw comparisons, see trends across states, and make smarter decisions by focusing on specific government functions that exist regardless of the state.
Through this segmentation, success in one state will translate to success in
neighboring states for a targeted campaign.

The SLED market can be broken down into 10 key market segments:

  1. Health and Human Services
  2. Education
  3. Transportation
  4. General Government
  5. Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  6. Community Services
  7. Environment
  8. Legislature
  9. Courts / Judiciary
  10. Non-Addressable / Other

How do you use these 10 market segments to find opportunities, leverage successes, and grow your business?

  1. Identify Your Territory – Which state or states are you targeting within your region?
  2. Find Your Audience – What market segment or segments have you had success in previously?
  3. Research Drivers – What initiatives does the market segment care about? What are they concerned with?
  4. Pinpoint the POC – Who is managing those initiatives? Who should I talk to?

Narrowing your focus on specific market segment with a targeted campaign can help set more meaningful meetings and find more attainable opportunities.

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