Data Analytics: The Next Big Thing in Government

Data Analystics_SMStephanie Meloni_65x85by Stephanie Meloni, Senior Analyst

Whether data sets are small, medium, or large — data analytics and management remain a hot topic among both federal and state and local IT communities. Agencies understand that if they can manage their data effectively, they can then begin leveraging data to advance their mission. Data management is often seen as the more challenging piece in the puzzle that’s difficult to get right.

Data governance — the process an agency uses to automate data collection and quality — can be especially challenging, particularly for offices struggling to break down data silos or are just scratching the surface with data management.

State and local customers need help from vendors with data management and governance solutions. They do not have the same data reporting requirements that help federal government customers standardize data they collect. As a result, state and local agencies are often working with unusable data — they need COTS tools to help them make data governance easier. Once they resolve these initial issues, they can begin looking at projects like the Smart Cities Initiative that will use data to help improve citizen services, public safety, and transportation.

Civilian agencies are focusing their data-related efforts along the same lines. Data management and breaking down information silos remain key to enabling effective analysis. Unstructured data is becoming increasingly important at civilian agencies that have more interactions with the public. The VA and HHS’ Centers for Disease Control use social media analysis to gather information that will ultimately go towards helping them improve delivery of service.

DOD is interested in harnessing social media and unstructured data analysis too. They want to be able to use this type of analysis to predict attacks, unrest, and insider threats.  If they can successfully anticipate these kinds of threats, they can expand their knowledge of potential adversaries and avoid boots on the ground, save taxpayer dollars, and eliminate unnecessary casualties.

Finally, analysis of network traffic (security analytics) remains a huge use case across the entire government — with the funding to back it. Many agencies are just breaking ground as far as security analytics is concerned, so there is plenty of opportunity for COTS vendors to help these agencies with best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions.

To find out more about how government agencies plan to manage and analyze their data to improve public safety and health, workforce management, logistics, financial operations, and organizational performance, register today for the 2nd Annual Government IT Sales Summit. This information-packed event features three sessions in Big Data that will explore how government plans to derive value from their data. Speakers include: COL Bobby Saxon, Division Chief for the Army’s Force Management Enterprise and Joah Iannota, Assistant Director of Forensic Audits and Investigative Service (FAIS) for GAO. Remember to take advantage of the early bird rate by registering by October 23.

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