NGA Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Cutting Edge IT

Mark Blog Post.pngmark-wisinger_65x85.jpgby Mark Wisinger, Analyst

One of the lesser-known “Big Five” intelligence agencies, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), has been making large strides that mean new opportunities for technology companies. NGA consolidated its CIO and IT services offices under Douglas McGovern’s leadership. NGA’s deputy director, Susan Gordon, has instructed McGovern to be less risk-adverse. Now the newly consolidated office is focused on exploring technologies like mobility that were previously considered too risky. Expect NGA’s investment strategy to continue embracing cutting edge IT.

A huge intelligence community initiative is the standing up the IC Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE) – a shared services and cloud program. NGA is working with the Defense Intelligence Agency on the Desktop component of this initiative. NGA and other “Big Five” intelligence agencies are highly interested in leveraging IC ITE for rapid and effective information sharing. Intelligence community CIOs are asking: “How can we effectively ensure data hygiene for the information we’re importing to the cloud?” This reflects a critical requirement for data cleanup, filtering, and hygiene tools. NGA has explicitly asked for these kinds of tools, but the requirement exists across the intelligence community.

Automation is another key priority for NGA, especially in data analysis – the agency can’t scale effectively with sheer manpower. Solutions that either explicitly automate or play a part in an automated solution will find eager stakeholders within NGA. Automation also extends to cybersecurity–NGA has been meeting with industry partners to discuss identity access automation and how solutions can manage access to data across a broad spectrum of users and analysts.

IT vendors with products that address data hygiene, automated data analysis, and identity access should prioritize NGA as a key customer.

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