Market Intelligence Cloud Briefing: Tech Trends and Federal Opportunities

CloudChris Wiedemannby Chris Wiedemann, Senior Analyst

The federal government’s “Cloud First” policy, originally part of Vivek Kundra’s 25-Point Plan, is almost five years old – and yet there’s still plenty of confusion and uncertainty surrounding federal cloud adoption. What are the major challenges facing customers moving into the cloud? How much progress has been made on the commonly-cited challenges of security, data ownership, and elastic procurement within the confines of federal acquisition regulations? How will new policy and regulatory developments affect federal cloud business, and what do industry cloud providers need to know to begin marketing their services?

On April 12, immixGroup’s Market Intelligence team was joined by a panel of highly-qualified government cloud experts to begin to answer these questions. Our event covered the latest and greatest in federal cloud policy and drivers – uncovering the information you need to sell your cloud solution, as well as identifying opportunities to work with private cloud owners in federal agencies. Our event also dug into some of the agencies leading the charge on cloud adoption. Our panel included Robert Vietmeyer, cloud computing lead for DOD CIO; Janice Haith, Navy Deputy CIO; Frank Konieczny, US Air Force CTO; and Roopangi Kadakia, NASA Web Services Executive.  They discussed the unique challenges government faces when moving to the cloud and how they can be overcome.

Just posted! To hear an on-demand recording of immixGroup’s April 12 briefing and panel discussion, click here.

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