immixGroup & Arrow Electronics: One Year Later


Bob Laclede_65x85By Bob Laclede, Channels VP

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since immixGroup was acquired by Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 131 company. The acquisition, which was finalized at the end of March 2015, dramatically changed immixGroup for the better, making us the largest value-added distributor of enterprise IT products in the public sector.

What’s unique is that this is a reverse integration, meaning that immixGroup is now responsible for Arrow’s federal business and serves as the public sector arm of Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions. It’s been a smooth, but busy process over the last year. It reminds me of a duck swimming on a pond—everything looks calm above the surface, but there’s a lot going on down below.

So immixGroup channels director Pat Cruciani and I took about 10 minutes to detail all the changes in this on-demand Webinar. Don’t worry, the changes are all for the better. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll hear:

-Now that we’re part of Arrow, we have access to the company’s technical resources and integration and logistics services. They’re now integrated into immixGroup’s platform of services, giving our suppliers and partners access to things like pre-sales engineers and an ability to build, test, and demo products.

-We’ve completed the first phase of migrating the federal business of several Arrow vendors. immixGroup is now responsible for all vendor relationships in federal. In some cases, such as a few of the largest hardware vendors, partners will continue to work through their Arrow contacts for quoting and ordering.

-Both immixGroup and Arrow held GSA Schedule 70 contracts. To remove the redundancy, we retired Arrow’s GSA Schedule and migrated those key vendors to the GSA Schedule 70 contract held by EC America, an immixGroup subsidiary. We now have 60 vendors on the contract.

Get even more details on the changes by taking a few minutes to listen to our Webinar. And always feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, and comments by calling our Channels team at 703.663.2717 or e-mailing us at

One Response to immixGroup & Arrow Electronics: One Year Later

  1. Mark Amtower says:

    Bob- thnx for the update and webinar link. I know much of the impact is “behind the scenes” so this makes things a little more clear.

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