2016 Women of the Channel

Tina PeeplesBob Laclede_65x85By Bob Laclede, Channels VP

We’re thrilled to announce that immixGroup’s own Tina Peeples (pictured) and several leaders from our parent company, Arrow Electronics, were named to the Channel Company’s CRN Women of the Channel for 2016.

Working with Tina the last few years, I’m not surprised she’s being recognized. The 7-year immixGroup veteran has tirelessly led the company’s renewals business through 52 percent growth in the last year, along with overseeing the sales ops and inside sales teams. You’ll often hear Tina talk about “protect, predict, and grow” when describing how her team approaches a customer’s public sector business.

Here are her tips for how companies can protect their install base:

  • Reach out to your customer base throughout the year, not just when they’re up for renewal. Doing so ensures your competition can’t get in there and steal business. This also helps you understand your customer’s biggest needs and challenges.
  • Always be thinking of cross-sell and upsell opportunities by understanding the product roadmap. That means knowing about new product releases and upgrades and how they fit into the customer’s needs.
  • Ensure you have key performance indicators established beyond just renewal rates. Know what’s important for you, what do you want to know about your customer base, which products are performing better than others and why, and stay ahead of potential issues.

When Tina isn’t running her busy team, she’s active in immixGroup’s Women’s Leadership Forum, which meets monthly to motivate women toward a path that encourages and empowers change. She’s a mentor to several young women who are working their way up the ranks. She tells them to focus on themselves and to not compare themselves to others—great advice for anyone in the midst of their career.

Big congratulations to Tina on this honor. To read more about her, visit here. Hats off to the Arrow Electronics women who join Tina on this year’s list: Stephanie Nalick, Kelly Robinson, Stephanie Sperry, and Dana Zaba.

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