The Secret to Navigating Government IT

Chris Wiedemann_65 x 85US Capitol-Cheat SheetBy Chris Wiedemann, Consultant

Not much in business is harder to navigate than the federal government. Figuring out how to sell a single IT product into this massive universe of agencies and departments that spends trillions of dollars a year can be daunting.

That’s why every spring we go through the painstaking process of putting together our meaty Federal IT Cheat Sheet. It’s chock full of information on where agencies are spending the bulk of their budget, including what each program does, their tech requirements, and the large contractors working on them. It’s a useful planning tool for veterans of the government IT space, as well as newcomers.

Here are three tips for getting the most out of the Federal IT Cheat Sheet:

  1. Use it to lay out your territory plan. Study the tech requirements for each agency or department and figure out the agencies your company should be targeting based on those trends.
  2. If you’re an IT sales person focusing on the program level, it’s helpful to know who the biggest contractors are in a program.
  3. If you’re completely new to the government IT industry, the Cheat Sheet gives you a great start to figuring out where your products might fit.

Interested in getting your hands on this year’s Federal IT Cheat Sheet? Click here to download it. For more in-depth guidance on selling IT to the government, reach out to our Market Intelligence team.

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