Navy Operations Fueled by Data

Stephanie Meloni_65x85NavyOperations_062116By Stephanie Meloni, Consultant

The Navy is launching two new ventures that will produce significant opportunities for networking, infrastructure, and ultimately, big data and analytics tech companies. With Task Force Cyber Awakening, the organization used an agile, collaborative effort to help the Navy adapt quickly to cyber challenges; and now it’ll be using the same approach to help the organization become more interoperable.

Task Force Netted Navy is the service’s newest effort to improve interoperability between networks, systems, sensors, and data links. The Task Force, which falls under Integrated Fires within the Information Dominance N2/N6 office, will be collecting ideas now through September. Its challenge is connecting legacy architectures with newer systems and sensors. So the Task Force will be looking to industry for innovative and cost effective solutions around configuration management, risk management, storage, and processing. More interoperable systems will help the Navy bring together its data, creating information dominance.

The Navy’s other big data effort is its transition away from manned aerial systems to unmanned—this reflects a notable shift in strategy, and a desire for more autonomy in operations. The Navy will invest in systems and solutions that can be easily adapted to accommodate new technologies. Data integration and analysis will be key as the Navy works to bring over data from multiple aerial systems, fuse it together, and turn that into actionable intelligence.

Related to both of these efforts, technology companies can help the Navy with the data integration and network interoperability problems it faces by focusing on these types of solutions:

  • Mining data and data compression
  • Performing risk analysis for mission critical data
  • Bringing big data solutions to tactical platforms
  • Introducing machine learning and autonomous systems to current portfolio

Want more guidance on how to sell your tech solutions to the Navy? Reach out to immixGroup’s Market Intelligence team.

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