Drumming Up the Drone Deliverance

Kevin Shaker_65 x 85Drones_070616By Kevin Shaker, Analyst

Drone technology continues to whir up around government and the private sector, with recent developments addressing how the devices collect information. Drone developers have several opportunities getting ready for take-off at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Interior (DOI).

The most recent update was on June 21, when for the first time ever, the FAA passed a large-scale referendum that includes rules on where commercial drones can operate. The mandate prohibits commercial drones from operating more than 400 feet in altitude, within 400 feet of tall buildings, and past sunset. Organizations that use drones will have to abide by the FAA guidelines.

This new restriction on where drones can fly means the administration will be joint-managing unmanned aircraft traffic systems with NASA, giving pilots separation spacing for manned traffic. The FAA will be developing a system, which will eventually be hosted within the air traffic organization, that can handle drone information and be able to track it. FAA will need database and analytics technology for effective monitoring and management of commercial drones, so you’ll want to reach out to the agency to get your product baked into the system.

In addition to drone developments at FAA and USDA, the Department of Interior will start using drone capabilities at each of its bureaus for a range of applications, from spotting forest fires to conducting geological research. The White House says full DOI drone implementation will be achieved by 2018. In fact, DOI is your next big bet for drone opportunities.

Drone technology is continuing to fly from agency to agency with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) completing its drone installments by 2019. You’ll want to catch your drone opportunities before they land elsewhere.

Want additional insight on how to get involved in federal drone-related IT opportunities? Reach out to the immixGroup Market Intelligence team today.

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