4 Ways to Get Larger Deals Done

Troy Fortune picFinancingBy Troy Fortune, VP, Infrastructure and Channels

As we head into the busy season, your company should be thinking about maximizing its financial capabilities. Did you know immixGroup has a suite of financial solutions? It’s one of the benefits of being part of Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 119 company.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Net Terms/Prompt Pay Discounts: The simplest and most commonly-used of our financial tools, net terms extend a certain amount of credit to a partner for a set amount of days. The dollar amount can vary and the time frame can range depending on the logistics of the deal and the financial profile of the opportunity. The program also offers seasonal credit line flexibility and incentives for quick payments.
  2. Escrow/Lockbox: The government customer pays into an escrow account and the bank distributes the appropriate funds between the partner and immixGroup. This works well for resellers that don’t have a sufficient line of credit and otherwise would not be able to secure the funding that can accommodate a large government opportunity.
  3. Public Sector Financing: This option allows the government to buy IT when it doesn’t have capital equipment dollars (CapEx) or other funds available to make a purchase up front. This is the same idea as leasing a car rather than buying it. Except the government doesn’t always have multi-year funding, which allows it to terminate at any time. immixGroup partners with financial institutions familiar with government procurement.
  4. FlexPricing: Think of this as a consumption-based program where government agencies buy the right to use hardware/software configurations rather than buy them outright, incurring a capital expense. A minimum configuration is installed, then equipment is added or deleted based on monthly demand from the end user. Monthly rates fluctuate based on demand.

Want more details on how to take advantage of immixGroup’s financing options? Reach out to the Channels team today.

About Troy Fortune
Troy Fortune is the VP of Infrastructure and Channels at immixGroup, an Arrow company. He has more than 20 years of distribution industry experience and 30 years in the tech industry. In 2014, he was profiled by CRN as a Channel Chief, a key executive running channels in the IT market.

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