An early look at the Transportation Command’s technology needs

mark-wisinger_65x85By Mark Wisinger, senior analystUS Transportation Command

Anyone doing business with the Combatant Commands should keep a close eye on the Defense Personal Property System and the Integrated Multi-Modal Operations programs at the US Transportation Command. Both will need industry help starting in late FY17 and companies should have these opportunities on their radar now.

Several of these requirements were detailed at TRANSCOM’s IT Industry Day on Dec. 8, along with IT focus areas for its program portfolio.

The Defense Personal Property System is an internet-based system to manage DOD household goods during a military personnel move. DPS is in increment 3 and the next increment is looming, with a Q4 FY17 compete. The DPS program management office discussed its IT ambitions, including a goal to embrace the cloud, as well as cyber and architectural upgrades. It remains to be seen what exactly will end up in the statement of work, but expect the possibility of a cloud transition for the program.  DPS is one of a multitude of DOD IT systems that must also keep pace with DOD cybersecurity regulations, so you’ll see a related spending uptick in FY17-18.

The Integrated Multi-Modal Operations program is TRANSCOM’s upcoming standardized platform for movement requirements. It’s still in the early stages – the program manager just heard back from the Joint Staff J6 as far as the planning goes. However, the program is set for a request for information in Q3 of FY17 and does have some development, modernization and enhancement dollars in this fiscal year. Requirements are still far from being set, but there are a lot of stakeholders, including the J3, J4, J5, as well as TRANSCOM components.

Also of note, some programs managed by the Air Materiel Command will shift to TRANSCOM between FY17-18, so the command will only expand its IT portfolio scope.

It’s important to get ahead of the curve – help TRANSCOM achieve its mission by providing vendor input, especially before the procurement cycle gets going and regulations prevent communication with industry beyond certain circumstances.

Want to hear more about how the DOD will spend its IT dollars in the next fiscal year? View the immixGroup’s most recent DOD Budget Briefing on-demand.

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