DEOS FY19 Update

By Ryan Granato, Analyst

In October the DOD announced it was moving the $8 billion back-office cloud solutions procurement to the GSA Schedule 70 contract, a move to make enterprise information technology services for office productivity available to not only DOD, but to other government agencies as well.

At a recent industry day, representatives from DISA and the General Services Administration provided an updated outlook on the Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS). Dr. Brian Hermann, Unified Capabilities Portfolio Manager at DISA, provided insight into DEOS and how industry can participate.

DEOS will help create a simpler, defensible perimeter by reducing the DOD IT footprint and provides full integration across the DOD, while minimizing security risks and reducing costs. The DOD is continuing to see less data stored locally, meaning that an increased number of employees will be provided only with mobile equipment and a docking station that has access to enterprise services and data.

Additionally, a single enterprise directory service will be established for DOD-wide collaboration. Hermann noted the importance of accessing more granular information about employees, as opposed to just a phone number. Any enterprise directory solutions that mimic the functions of LinkedIn would be a perfect play here.

The Department of Defense requires a single enterprise solution for common communications and collaboration and can no longer afford to have every single office hosting its own services. It is important to know that any enterprise hosting solution must support Impact Level 5.

In concluding, Hermann noted the lack of standards in enterprise collaboration tools currently offered by solution providers and encouraged industry to move in the direction of standardization to ensure all companies can contribute new solutions seamlessly.

The Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS) is a model for the future of enterprise services in the Department of Defense as well as for other federal agencies. This endeavor is an industry and DOD partnership where industry will continue to be an extension of the national defense strategy.

Timeline of events:

  • Original RFI – November 2018 (closed)
  • Acquisition plan approval – January 2019
  • Pre-RFQ documents complete – January 2019
  • Issue draft RFQ – January/Early February 2019
  • BPAs – February/Early March 2019
  • Evaluations — March 2019
  • BPA awards – April 2019
  • BEAD – April 2019

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