Top 3 FY21 Opportunities at the Department of Education

By Jessica Parks, Analyst

With another busy year end in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look to FY21. While large agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services always attract attention due to their budgets and high-visibility projects, it’s important to remember that other agencies across government also require your assistance to deliver, innovate and economize.

One such agency, the Department of Education, has requested $5 million for FY21 to establish a Working Capital Fund, showing that accelerating IT modernization will be a priority. Read on for the top 3 areas poised for significant investment.

1) NextGen Federal Student Aid (FSA)

Located in the Office of Federal Student Aid, this approximately $1B program seeks to improve the experience of external customers (such as students) in their interactions with FSA. The program covers a myriad of areas, from business process management to cybersecurity to data management and analytics. High on the list for FY21 are mobile solutions, self-service tools (think machine learning and AI solutions) and records and content management. 

2) NextGen Grants Management System

In addition to improving customer experience, the Department of Education is also looking to begin updating its grants management platform in FY21. This includes a significant technology refresh and redesign of the system’s architecture and security features to ensure a more modern, efficient interface. Companies that provide professional services will find traction here, as there’s a need for testing, implementation and design services. You will also find a receptive audience for COTS financial management solutions, case management and data integration.

3) Enterprise Cybersecurity

With general agency interest in cybersecurity up due to continued teleworking, it should come as no surprise that the Department of Education is prioritizing secure systems in FY21. Having received a “C” received for cybersecurity on the June 2020 FITARA scorecard, the agency is prioritizing the continued implementation of CDM tools in its environment to help with detection and mitigation.

Remember that CDM is about enhanced visibility and managing risk. Tools that will resonate here are tools that will help a stretched cyber workforce perform their jobs more efficiently, such as automated data management solutions and SIEM platforms.

FY21 will be an interesting year. There are opportunities across the entire government, including at agencies like the Department of Education, which is looking towards improving customer experience, streamlining processes and bolstering cybersecurity. Now more than ever, in this environment of increased teleworking, is when the federal government needs your help in continuing to advance their mission.


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About Jessica Parks
Jessica Parks is an analyst with the Market Intelligence team at immixGroup, providing actionable analysis to help technology suppliers shorten their sales cycles. She holds a B.A. from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in political science from UNC Chapel Hill.

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