Top 3 DOJ IT Programs Planning Procurements in FY21

By Jessica Parks, Market Intelligence Analyst

When following the money within the federal government, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific programs attracting that money. (For more detail on what a “program” is, check out my colleague Lloyd McCoy’s recent blog post. ) Identifying particular programs that may have a need you can meet will help narrow down your target field to the specific offices and folks who will most want to hear about your solution.

In this blog, I focus on the Department of Justice and the top 3 programs by funding that are planning acquisitions in FY21, per the Exhibit 53. If you’d like to know more what’s in this document, read our blog, What is Exhibit 53?

(1) FBI Network Services

This is the FBI’s standard network infrastructure investment, with total FY21 funding around $103M ($9.3M in DME funding). One significant focus here will likely be on cybersecurity tools, as improving information security has long been a priority for the bureau. The IT Infrastructure Division under the Information and Technology Branch handles the bureau’s network, and they will be the group to speak with about any tools you may have that will support secure networking.

(2) Bureau of Prisons BOPNet

Another network infrastructure program, BOPNet is a major IT investment at the Bureau of Prisons. BOPNet is handled by the Network Management Branch under the Information, Policy and Public Affairs Division. For FY21, the priority is completing infrastructure modernization, as well as refreshing the system’s computers. Remember that tech refreshes can be potential points of entry for you to discuss your solution with government customers. This would be especially relevant to a program like BOPNet, which directly impacts mission delivery.

(3) USA Office Automation

This investment covers automated tools for office infrastructure and IT staffing at the Executive Office for United States Attorneys. Unlike the two previous programs above, which primarily deal with networks and backend infrastructure, this program directly impacts end users, so user-friendly solutions are key here. Implementing automated tools to reduce the burden on the EOUSA workforce is the driving force behind this investment. This can include security and management tools powered by artificial intelligence, or even just bots that can streamline repetitive processes.

As always with the federal government, connecting your solution to mission priorities is a significant part of the equation. However, you also want to identify where there is funding, and if there are any acquisitions planned. The DOJ program list presented above is just one example. The Exhibit 53 offers this information across most of the federal government, enabling vendors to hone their strategies.

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About Jessica Parks
Jessica Parks is an analyst with the Market Intelligence team at immixGroup, providing actionable analysis to help technology suppliers shorten their sales cycles. She holds a B.A. from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in political science from UNC Chapel Hill.

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