Top 3 HHS IT programs planning procurements in FY22

By Jessica Parks, market intelligence analyst

In a previous blog post, I went over the top three IT programs at the Department of Justice planning acquisitions. Now that the new administration has released the official FY22 budget, I would like to explore similar opportunities at another large agency, the Department of Health and Human Services. (As I’ve mentioned previously, this information is all publicly available in the Exhibit 53.)

Read on for a brief description of these programs and how you can position yourself accordingly.

1) CMS Federally Facilitated Exchange

Based within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the FFE is the platform that supports the health insurance marketplace. This is the single largest IT investment at HHS and has been a crucial system for the agency for many years. Total IT funding for FY22 is expected to be more than $417M, with $176M being DME funding (i.e., new money to spend on program upgrades and additions).

The main objectives for this investment are to stay innovative and ensure minimal downtime. Automated customer service solutions as well as solutions that ensure secure information sharing could play a role here. Talk to the folks in the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight for more detail.

2) NIH IT Security and Compliance

Of course, cybersecurity is top of mind across the entire government and HHS is no exception. This standard infrastructure investment at the NIH is focused on safeguarding IT across the entire organization and focuses on policies and procedures, cybersecurity training for personnel and incident response. A myriad of potential solutions are available, including risk management, network security and digital learning solutionsespecially crucial given a remote and distributed workforce.

3) CMS Data Centers

As the name suggests, this investment covers the data centers at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS is looking to spend a total of about $203M on further optimizing its data centers in FY22, a crucial piece of their IT strategy. They’re focusing on implementing CDM beyond their Baltimore Data Center and moving disaster recovery capabilities to the cloud. If you have security solutions that support the CDM program or cloud-based disaster recovery tools, then you’ll want to speak with the Infrastructure and User Services Group in the Office of Information Technology.

This is only a small sampling of funded programs to keep an eye on in FY22. Remember, when looking at the FY22 budget, you’ll want to be strategic and follow the money to specific programs in order to focus your efforts as much as possible.

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About Jessica Parks
Jessica Parks is an analyst with the Market Intelligence team at immixGroup, providing actionable analysis to help technology suppliers shorten their sales cycles. She holds a B.A. from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in political science from UNC Chapel Hill.

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