Building your state contracting toolbox through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

By Chauncey Kehoe, SLED Contracts Manager

State, local and education agencies have many paths to procurement and numerous contract vehicles to choose from. Some contracts, however, do not allow for reseller participation or post award modifications to add new product lines; they leave the customer with no way to purchase the technology they need from the vendor they want.

The solution is for resellers and manufacturers to build out a contracts toolbox for when these situations arise. Your toolbox should include a variety of mandatory statewide and cooperative contracts for you to suggest to your customers. This multi-part series will introduce you to a few key statewide contracts and cooperatives for your toolbox.

To start, we will explore OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, who I featured in a recent webinar. OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is one of the largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organizations dedicated to public sector procurement.

immixGroup is fortunate to have an award for Software Solutions and Services under the OMNIA Partners’ portfolio. Why should this cooperative be in your toolbox? Let’s dive into the benefits of the Software Solutions and Services contract:

  • The contract can be accessed by all 50 states, including local and education agencies.
  • More than 234,000 participating entities use OMNIA Partners, Public Sector contracts.
  • The contract is easy to access. Public agencies do not have to go out to bid for products on contract, and they can piggyback from the award. (Piggybacking refers to public agencies using an existing public contract as a template to draft their own contract directly with the vendor, to purchase on the same or similar terms.)
  • Resellers can use the contract and be added at any time.
  • Resellers that also provide services can add those services to the contract.
  • New manufacturer product lines can be added at any time.
  • The scope is broad and supports full catalogs for a one-stop shopping experience.

Most importantly, with OMNIA Partners, through immixGroup, you have access to participant lists, agency spend trends and marketing support.

The OMNIA Partners Regional Managers can also provide valuable sales support and help overcome contract discussion hurdles. Through immixGroup’s contract you will extend your salesforce and resources in each state so to effectively reach every state, local and education agency.

If you would like to find out more about immixGroup’s SLED contracts, please reach out to

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About Chauncey Kehoe
Chauncey Kehoe currently manages the state, local, and education contracts at immixGroup. She joined the company in 2013 and has 10 years of government industry experience. She is responsible for the overall success including, the relationship between immixGroup and the contract offices, overseeing the development, maintenance, and overall performance of the PMO’s risk management, problem resolution, resource management, communications management, customer support, and quality assurance strategies. Chauncey holds a B.A. in political science and philosophy with a focus in legal studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

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