CDM: Cloud Hardening and Zero Trust Environments

By Amanda Mull, Contract Specialist

Critical cybersecurity goals for most federal agencies are focused on Zero Trust for a more mobile workforce, cloud-based products, and active threat detection plus dynamic response. Purchase of tools alone, however, cannot provide successful operational cybersecurity. Ongoing budgeting must address a holistic approach, including flexible policies and procedures, to adjust to new threats and changing work landscapes – along with a critical investment in cyber workforce training.

It is becoming more important for federal agencies to partner with companies that can help achieve their foundational cybersecurity goals. Partners and agencies alike must be committed to constant review and adjustment to systems and operations, to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of cybersecurity.

CDM program funds directly support agencies striving to harden their cloud cybersecurity against threats. The program becomes even more important as new threats emerge and agencies are forced to scramble to protect themselves and the public trust. 

In a recent MeriTalk virtual conference Karen Evans, former CIO for DHS, suggested that forward-thinking cybersecurity models may need to be integrated into the CDM program’s architecture itself, as a means of developing polices and protocols. Evans cited CISA’s partnership with NSA, recent US Cyber Command publications and DOD’s insider threat response using AI detection as examples of such models.

Evans also suggested that Congress could improve the way the CDM program is funded. Such improvements would knit together the initial implementation CDM monies and the ongoing costs of supporting maintenance and licenses in the agency funding process.  

Our experience with the CDM program indicates that the four core management capability areas for assets, access, network security and data protection remain an ongoing requirement across most if not all civilian agencies. Additionally, the potential capability area has expanded to include new innovations from artificial intelligence to Zero Trust.

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About Amanda Mull
Currently a Contract Specialist for immixGroup, Inc. I help public sector sales professionals understand federal contracting vehicles, and respond to IT sales opportunities. Special knowledge of the DHS/CISA CDM Program for the GSA IT Schedule 70 and the U.S. Army ITES-SW2 Contract via the CHESS IT E-Mart. 20+ years as ACO for GSA schedule 84 Security, Access Control and Surveillance System Products & Services Company; 10 + years as a Corporate Compliance Officer.

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