The Future of the GSA CDM SIN: What it means to you

By Gina Brown, Federal Contracts Manager

In August 2018, the CDM program underwent a procurement transition that vendors should keep in mind. Combined with a proposed elimination of the GSA CDM special item number (SIN), the changes could streamline certain aspects of the way in which products are catalogued.

Initially, blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) were awarded to 17 primes. This then switched to a two-pronged acquisition strategy, in which four GSA Alliant prime contractors were awarded six Dynamic and Evolving Federal Enterprise Network Defense (DEFEND) task orders.

These prime system integrators would purchase cybersecurity tools according to the DHS approved product list (APL), to strengthen the security posture of civilian agency customers.

GSA is now considering retiring the GSA CDM SIN. In its place, GSA would add APL tools to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) under SIN 33411 (Purchasing of New Electronic Equipment) and SIN 511210 (Software Licenses). The APL submission process would still be required, but the originating SINs better align with customer agency buying practices “because those SINs have best-in-class (BIC) classifications,” according to GSA.

Earlier this summer, GSA released a GSA market research request to obtain industry feedback. The request also included proposed SIN retirement language. The changes would be incorporated and effective with implementation of the MAS solicitation refresh, scheduled for November 2021.

From an industry standpoint, the proposed retirement of the CDM SIN could streamline catalog management, reduce duplication and prevent modification backlog. The CDM program, including the acquisition strategies, has evolved since its inception in 2013 and will likely continue to do so considering the nature of cybersecurity.

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About Gina Brown
As a Contracts Manager, I oversee contract compliance and program management for federal contract vehicles held by immixGroup, Inc. I possess a solid knowledge of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract, teaming partnerships and government program initiatives.

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