GSA Advantage suspensions and how your GSA contract is impacted

Order status reporting, why its important, and what to do if your contract is suspended

By Gina Brown, Manager, Federal Contracts, immixGroup

If you have a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract, you are familiar with the requirement to have your approved GSA offering uploaded onto GSA Advantage — the online shopping and ordering system. Recently, GSA surveyed agency customers and found customers wanted greater visibility into order status (e.g., shipped, cancelled, backordered). With this awareness, GSA set a goal to improve the customer buying experience and released a mass modification that required all MAS contract holders to provide a status on all GSA Advantage orders received in the GSA Advantage Purchase Order Portal.

Because vendors continue to show a low amount of order status updates — even after the order status requirement was put in effect, GSA announced that they would be actively enforcing Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) solicitation requirements that would require order status reporting for orders placed via GSA Advantage. Contract holders risk catalog suspension — followed by catalog removal — from GSA Advantage, when failing to properly report (Interact ( When a catalog is removed, a new catalog submission is required if a vendor is to be approved to return to GSA Advantage.
Every two weeks, the GSA Advantage team emails a performance spreadsheet identifying orders due to be shipped or delivered during a one-month period. GSA will calculate a shipping score based on lines shipped, i.e., the lines sent minus the lines that were cancelled. Effective October 27, 2022, GSA updated the portal to allow contractors to input a future estimated delivery date for backorders. Backorder statuses lower the ship status score, so the status should be updated when there is a known shipping date.

Keeping Score

Order cancellations and on-time deliveries are considered in determining an overall combined score. The combined score consists of ship/backorder, cancellation and on-time order status. GSA is gradually increasing the minimum combined score, putting contractors at risk for suspension from GSA Advantage. During December 2022, the combined score increased from 50 to 60 percent, and on January 18, 2023, GSA increased that number to 70 percent. Along with this higher combined target, GSA has implied suspension from GSA eBuy for some contract holders. GSA has prioritized the customer buying experience and is aggressively holding contract holders accountable for both processing orders in a timely manner and notifying customers of any issues or delays.

GSA has focused on both excessive cancellations and late orders and contacted contractors to better understand the causes for both. The objective is for contractors and GSA to work together to improve customer satisfaction. GSA wants to maintain its customer base and attract new customers to use GSA as their preferred contract. It’s important for contractors to provide GSA with feedback to improve the online shopping experience, order processing, customer communication and portal updates.

Why is this important?

Visibility of approved GSA products and services

Although a GSA contract itself is not suspended for a contractor that is not meeting minimal GSA Advantage requirements, suspension from GSA Advantage — and potentially GSA eBuy — limits the ability for both the contractor and government customers to conduct business. Government customers that use their purchase cards tend to use GSA Advantage as a preferred method to purchase goods and services. If customers are unable to locate your offerings, they will move on to a competitor.

Market research

Government customers often use GSA Advantage for price comparisons. The government will do its due diligence to prove pricing is “fair and reasonable.” They also want to see how many vendors offer the products they need. As much as this is the government’s concern, this is also a concern of the contractor because of the potential for contract award delay.

Pricing support for state and local contracts

State and local contracts will often look to GSA Advantage to validate pricing, especially for agency contracts that are GSA based/dependent.

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) requirements

GSA BPAs, such as the 2nd Generation Information Technology (2GIT) BPA (2nd Generation IT Blanket Purchase Agreements | GSA), is GSA-dependent with a GSA Advantage catalog upload requirement. To maintain compliance with 2GIT, contractors must have a GSA Advantage catalog to reference.

GSA eBuy

As mentioned, the performance emails from GSA are now mentioning GSA eBuy being possible for suspension when a contractor is not providing timely delivery and order status in the PO portal. This is a real issue since countless RFQs are posted on GSA eBuy. Notification of RFQ opportunities and status updates, access to RFQ documents and the ability to respond to RFQs would likely no longer be accessible.

What do you need to do to prevent suspension?

To avoid suspension and possible removal from the entire platform, contractors must update any orders that do not show as “shipped” or “backordered” as soon as possible at  or via EDI, as applicable. If the items are no longer available, a contractor should remove them from the contract and from GSA Advantage.

What do you do if notified that your GSA catalog will be suspended from GSA Advantage?

Update the status of all orders in the PO portal and submit a corrective action plan before the scheduled suspension. Watch this video to learn how to get started with the portal.

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About Gina Brown
As a Contracts Manager, I oversee contract compliance and program management for federal contract vehicles held by immixGroup, Inc. I possess a solid knowledge of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract, teaming partnerships and government program initiatives.

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