Accelerate cloud sales to the SLED market | Uniform Guidance

Using a contract that was procured in accordance with Uniform Guidance, 2-C.F.R. Part 200, allows state and local (SLED) customers to bypass the traditonal request for proposals (RFP) process. The RFP process is often necessary to execute a deal; it is time consuming and labor intensive. The process can often be bypassed. 

immixGroup recently earned a publicly procured, competitively solicited contract award for Equalis Group Cloud Solutions contract with the Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG). This contract allows IT suppliers and IT resellers to provide, through EC America, cloud products and services to public sector entities across the country through a legal and compliant exemption to the traditional RFP process. This contract was procured and awarded in accordance with the requirements of the Uniform Guidance.

It’s the perfect time to advise customers about the benefits of using this legal and compliant exemption

Today, many private sector organizations use the cloud. It’s efficient, secure and agile, and public sector organizations are gradually investing in cloud solutions. While contract vehicle options are limited for selling cloud solutions to SLED organizations — and some contracts outright prohibit the sale of cloud products — the need for modern technology in the public sphere continues to grow. With the help of the Equalis Group contract and Uniform Guidance, you can work to fill the need faster than ever. Here’s how: 

  • Reliably procure technology products and solutions. 
  • Access innovative funding options to bridge budgetary and funding cycles.
  • Count on delivery of critical technology solutions.
  • Trust a one-stop shop for every IT need. immixGroup’s expertise, knowledge, and relationships help suppliers and partners serve the SLED market.
  • Tap into 25 years of public sector service experience. 

To learn more about the  Equalis Group Cloud Solutions contract with the The Cooperative Council of Governments, visit here

Who is EC America?

EC, America is a subsidiary of immixGroup, the public sector arm of Arrow Electronics. A Fortune 110 company with 19,600 employees and 2020 sales of $28.67 billion, Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 180,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers worldwide. 

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About immixGroup
immixGroup, an Arrow company, helps technology companies do business with the government. We offer a unique platform of services exclusively focused on the public sector. They include: -Market Intelligence that brings actionable intelligence to accelerate the sales cycle -Marketing to create demand within the public sector -Lead Generation to qualify leads and set meetings for demand creators -Channel Development to help manufacturers drive more business through their channel and enablement to help channel partners develop new strategies and supplier relationships. -Government Business Infrastructure that reduces the cost and risk of doing business with contract management and compliance; financial solutions; government-focused systems and processes; account management; and public sector renewal programs -Technical Resources that allow channel partners to identify and sell the right products -Integration & Logistics that allow partners to bring complex solutions to market quickly and efficiently

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