Highlights from the AFCEA DC Cybersecurity Summit 2014

Lloyd McCoy_65x85by Lloyd McCoy Jr., Consultant

In late May AFCEA DC hosted the Cybersecurity Summit 2014 in Washington DC. The event gathered together hundreds from industry and government who focus on the cybersecurity issues
of today. The panelists and keynote speakers represented both civilian and defense sectors of government and spoke on a wide gamut of security topics. Here are some common themes when the panelists and speakers were asked to provide advice for industry:

  • Have internal technical people market your product for you. Agencies need to do a better job of differentiating between products marketed very well and those who can demonstrate453786897 risk reduction in performance rather than on paper.
  • Help those agencies that are less mature when it comes to security and risk reduction; understand where their immaturity lies and come to them with what they need.
  • Demonstrate what gap you’re filling. How can your tool do the work better and cheaper than those already in the ‘shed’?
  • Particularly within DOD, highly customized solutions are not ideal. If you are making something just for Army, but it is not interoperable with the Army and Air Force, then it is less than ideal. DOD requires interoperability in a joint environment.

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