The Future of FBI Cloud Adoption

Tomas OKeefe_65x85by Tomas O’Keefe, Senior Analyst

Back in February, the Federal Bureau of Investigation hosted a cloud computing day where vendors could talk, face-to-face, with FBI IT personnel about the Bureau’s needs when it came to the next generation of cloud implementation. I had a chance to attend this event and was pleasantly surprised by how willing FBI personnel were to discuss the challenges facing the Bureau and how industry can help accelerate cloud adoption and start to lay out of the framework for the next evolution in the FBI’s network. One of the most important elements that vendors are going to have to keep in mind when selling to the FBI is the dual-mission of law enforcement and intelligence work that the Bureau engages in, meaning a one-size-fits-all solution likely won’t work for the Bureau. What this means is vendors are going to have to be creative about balancing the FBI’s cloud needs in a cost-controlled environment.

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