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Photo of Allan Rubin by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing

There’s no shortage of information sources these days. Many of the traditional media companies have moved their products online as print and direct mail have given ground to more immediate and searchable electronic rags. Of course, Web 2.0 made everyone with a keyboard and pajamas a publisher. One only needs to watch CNN and Fox News during election season to recognize how low the barriers are to becoming a well-known and influential blogger.

Even in our relatively narrow industry, it’s hard to complete a Google search or visit a social media site without tripping over one information source after another. But which deserves your time and attention? More important, which are your customers and prospects reading? And which are they contributing to as writers, giving you a peek at their challenges?

FedTech just published its list of 50 Must-Read Federal Government IT Blogs for 2013. The editors asked the government IT community to recommend their favorites.


If you’re selling or marketing to government IT decision-makers, I recommend you check out the list and pick at least a few of these to follow regularly. The list includes blogs produced by well-known pontificators, vendors, solution providers, government agencies, government and former government IT leaders, and media companies. These dynamic information sources can give you great insight into partnering opportunities, the competitive landscape, market trends, and potential sales.

On a more selfish note, I’m thrilled to see that Government Sales Insider made the list. I hope you’re finding it as valuable as they think it is! Here’s what they said:

Government Sales Insider

This resource for government technology contractors features blog posts from 11 different experienced IT professionals. Building relationships between the public and the private sector is one of the fastest ways to bring better technology to government employees and American citizens. This blog covers contracting, sales, marketing and market intelligence, making it an extremely valuable resource for tech companies.

Must-Read Post: Convergence Driving DOD Investments and the Need for IT Products

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The list also included Federal Technology Insider, through which many immixGroup clients share information on how government is using technology to solve complex business problems.

Federal Technology Insider

Have you ever felt like technology is both a blessing and a curse? You’ll find those exact words on the Federal Technology Insider “About” page. IT is changing the way government functions as smart people solve very challenging problems. This blog addresses those challenges and highlights the innovators that are making real change happen.

Must-Read Post: The Department of Veterans Affairs Embraces Secure BYOD to Improve Service for Military

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You can find the complete list at the link below. If you like what you see, please share it!

Reloading Your Federal Marketing Toolbox

photo_Allan-Rubin_65x85by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing

My mother likes to complain that my father takes tools from the toolbox and doesn’t replace them, leaving her with a handful of nails and no hammer to drive them. Frustrating, right?

Marketers trying to attract the attention of government buyers face a similar dilemma: tools are getting taken from our tool kits and not replaced. Since my last posting about government event cancellations, we’ve heard of at least two more: the Department of Homeland Security’s 6th Annual Industry Day and DIA’s Defense Intelligence Worldwide will not take place.

Traditional media sources continue to struggle, with editors and reporters being downsized and print magazines continuing to consolidate. The impact of Sequestration cuts on major contractors and systems integrators is unlikely to help this trend as marketing budgets will surely be hit.

Those of us who are active in lead generation (via phone campaigns, email blasts, and events) will surely see conversion rates take a hit as furloughs kick in. What’s the best day or time to call or email someone if they’re not working that day? Will ongoing furloughs, downsizing, and political fights over giving a meager 0.5 percent pay raise break their spirits and drive them out?

Today’s blog post in FedConnects raised a few interesting questions. Among them:

How will government address the need for civil servants and military and intelligence workers to stay abreast of new technologies, innovate and collaborate in order to increase efficiencies and ensure productivity?  As part of President Obama’s Open Government Initiative, we are supposed to be operating under an open government mandate that encourages less siloing, more sharing of services and innovations.

How can true transparency and efficiency be achieved if government is restricting collaboration and opportunities for government leaders and industry to share ideas and work on problems?

If your organization relies on you to create demand in the public sector, it’s time focus on finding new tools to supplement the old ones. Will virtual events play a role as live conferences drop like flies? What role will associations play in educating our customers? How about social media driven information sources like GovLoop and Federal Technology Insider? I think it’s time to work some of these into your public sector marketing budgets, in addition to the targeted, local, and low-key events that were highlighted in Market Connections’ recent study.

Speaking of tools, we have a few that can help you make sense of Sequestration and the ongoing budget mess. Our Sequestration Resource Guide provides our take on how to deal with the pending cuts and also points you to market intelligence resources that can help. In addition, we’ve already had hundreds of IT sales and marketing professionals register for our upcoming webinar on Sequestration and the Federal Budget.

With so many tools vanishing these days, make sure you re-evaluate and take advantage of the ones that are left.

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