How tech companies can step up after latest ransomware attack

Lloyd McCoy Jr.By Lloyd McCoy Jr., DOD manager

Most of us are still reeling from the turmoil brought on by the WannaCry malware last weekend. While most of you reading were not directly affected, the global scale of the ransomware attack cannot be ignored. Even though our federal, state and local governments were spared the brunt of the attacks, they are, by no means, immune to the dangers posed by ransomware.

Some sectors of government are more vulnerable than others and so the IT industry, particularly those companies specializing in anti-ransomware solutions, should be aware of these distinctions.

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Navy Operations Fueled by Data

Stephanie Meloni_65x85NavyOperations_062116By Stephanie Meloni, Consultant

The Navy is launching two new ventures that will produce significant opportunities for networking, infrastructure, and ultimately, big data and analytics tech companies. With Task Force Cyber Awakening, the organization used an agile, collaborative effort to help the Navy adapt quickly to cyber challenges; and now it’ll be using the same approach to help the organization become more interoperable.

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The Great Migration: DISA’s Reorg and What it Means for COTS Vendors – Part 1

Lloyd McCoy_65x85by Lloyd McCoy Jr., Consultant

Recently I attended an AFCEA luncheon with Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, Director of DISA, and several other top leaders in DISA. This event kicked off DISA’s new reorganization. The agency realigned because of complaints they were too slow and cost too much in the areas of “5 Cs”: cyber security, cloud, collaboration, and command and control. The discussion centered on the changes and how it will impact industry.  Hawkins guessed by the year’s end, DISA will have ironed out all the kinks commonly associated with reorganizations.

Here’s a look at the major directorates within DISA, who’s in charge and what they’re doing:

DISA org without names_Update

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