3 ways to be part of smart transportation

Rachel Eckert Rachel Eckert, SLED consultant

Transportation is increasingly becoming more connected as part of ongoing smart cities/states initiatives. States are connecting transit and working on multi-modal systems to facilitate easier and quicker commutes that efficiently move people and goods throughout a region.

This requires a great deal of data, compelling state and local governments to look to the private sector to develop technology that can collect, store, analyze and visualize that data. This information can then be turned into things like mobile applications that allow users to purchase tickets for buses and other transit through one streamlined application.

Here are three ways state and local governments could be utilizing this data:

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Can State Transportation Become Innovative?

Rachel EckertBy Rachel Eckert, Consultant

No doubt you’ve heard ofTranspInnov042816 self-driving or autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles and highways. While many of these technological innovations are still maturing, they hold significant promise for the future of transportation and significant industry opportunities. Transportation systems run outdated technology to manage an aging road infrastructure and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to handle the ever-increasing volume of traffic.

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