Why you need to pay attention to DLA

mark-wisinger_65x85data-analytics_110316By Mark Wisinger, analyst

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is a large organization that handles logistics combat support for the Department of Defense. It also happens to have a $720 million FY17 IT budget. And as we recently heard from DLA Program Executive Officer, Bill Tinston, the agency has several IT initiatives that should be on the radar of data solution providers, as well as infrastructure and cloud vendors.

On Oct. 1, the Defense Property Accountability System moved from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to DLA. The program has $10.1 million in funding for FY17—not necessarily big money, but the program is under new ownership that’s not completely married to the incumbent’s solutions (Leidos).

In the second quarter of FY17, the Navy PEO-Enterprise Information Systems Security Cooperation Enterprise System (managed by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency) will also move to DLA. The system already interacts heavily with DLA systems, so it’s a logical transition. These moves provide an opportunity for vendors that can establish relationships with the new program managers.

Data solution providers should take note of DLA’s emphasis on data analytics and visualization in the new fiscal year. The focus is centered on the new Enterprise Data Solutions portfolio (formerly Transaction Services). The portfolio houses the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which is on track to deliver advanced analytics and visualization in the third quarter. If you can help DLA reach this goal, reach out to the EDW PEO. Another program that should be noted is DLA’s effort to perform analytics on vendor performance within the Enterprise Business Solution.

Infrastructure and cloud vendors should also be targeting the Defense Retirement and Annuity Pay System, which is slated to move to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment. The agency doesn’t exactly know which platform yet. DLA has been making leaps and bounds in winding down its data center business, so opportunities will continue to surface in the coming fiscal years.

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