5 Ways to Lead a Team to Profits

Steve Headshot 65 x 85IES-Sales ImageBy Steve Charles, immixGroup Co-Founder

Ask anyone who’s run a company or a large division about their management style, and you’ll likely walk away with some new strategies for getting people to do what you want them to do.

immixGroup leader Art Richer and I were recently interviewed by Sales Initiative magazine, the largest sales-focused publication in the UK, about our management styles. In a month, we’ll be honored, along with immixGroup co-founder Jeff Copeland, with a lifetime achievement award from the Institute for Excellence in Sales.

Here are five leadership lessons from our careers to ponder:

  1. There’s no one single management style, but being authoritative is key, says Art. Balance that authority with an ability to listen to ideas, be consistent in your strategy, and measure and reward results.
  2. I’ve learned the importance of recognizing the individual personalities of the people on a sales team and the combined personality of the team. Good leaders can help the personality or culture of the team to mature and coalesce.
  3. Successful public sector sales people should know the customer and their biggest challenges. That means being totally familiar with the agency’s mission and its needs and finding the “likely fits” for what you sell versus what the agency already has. You can’t lead with authority without knowing your stuff.
  4. Continuously evolve your business model and attract the most talented, committed, and driven people in the industry, says Art.
  5. Find opportunities to professionalize a market or a piece of the market. Jeff and I launched immixGroup in 1997 to help commercial technology companies grow their market share through a platform of business services we built that helps them scale. It also provides the framework for partners and former government employees with specific contacts and expertise to participate in business development without having to handle details that should be automated.

Want to help celebrate Art, Steve, and Jeff’s sales prowess? Join us at the IES awards on June 3 in Falls Church.

About Steve Charles
Passionate about technology and helping our clients help the government with the latest. I try to educate people on all the government's checks and balances that really seem likes hoops and hurdles so buyers and sellers can get to a meeting of the minds much more quickly without violating any rules.

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