Behold the New Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

By Kevin Shaker, Consultant

For a long time now, we have been talking about a change in the mission scope and organizational structure of the National Protection and Programs Directorate, the agency largely responsible for securing federal networks and protecting critical infrastructure. But now, it seems that the 2017 bill to rename, reorganize and solidify its role at the department has finally happened.

The agency has officially been renamed the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency or CISA. The president signed into law the CISA Act of 2018 on November 16, 2018. The bill had been looming over Congress for some time.

Here are a few things industry will want to know about the agency’s new facelift:

Led by Undersecretary Christopher Krebs, the reorganized NPPD means the Office of Biometric Identity Management has found a new home outside of the organization and now lives under the Management Directorate. The Federal Protective Service remains an organization that may also move outside the organization, but for now remains under CISA leadership. CISA is now doubling down on its focus for cybersecurity and risk management.

CISA also has a new organization under its purview, the National Risk Management Center, which will eventually act as a complement to the National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center. While the NCCIC focuses on the tactical response to cyber threats, the NRMC will take the longer, strategic view of the overall cyber and infrastructure threat landscape.

This means cyber solutions providers will do well to target both organizations for potential COTS sales. CISA will remain the key entry point for cybersecurity and threat intelligence solutions across DHS, although you’ll find opportunities selling to all the components as well. New and reorganized government offices mean that COTS vendors will have a chance to ingrain their products within the scope of organizational programs, since management and practices have yet to be fully cemented. Target CISA now to become top of mind to the newly rearranged mission.

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