NCPA Contracts Offer Access to a Wider Swath of SLED Marketplace

By Rachel Eckert, SLED Manager

The subject of contracts piques the interest of vendors – seasoned and new. Contracts are that tricky piece of the sales puzzle that can push a great opportunity just out of reach – if your products and services are not on the right contract!

immixGroup was recently awarded two additional IT-related contracts, for a total of three, with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) that will make it easier and more efficient to sell into the SLED marketplace – across all 50 states.

Contract categories are:

  • 01-75 Systems and Information Management Software
  • 01-83 Data Storage, Cloud, Converged and Data Protection
  • 01-88 Software Products and Services

NCPA, based in Texas, competitively solicits master contracts that are awarded based on quality, performance, and most importantly, pricing. The best part: NCPA contracts are written to be accessible nationally to public agencies in states whose laws allow for intergovernmental contract use – also known as “piggybacking” or “adopting.”

What makes NCPA contracts so attractive to vendors? Expansive reach. NCPA contracts give vendors the power to reach more than 90,000 eligible entities including: state agencies, cities, counties, K-12 school districts (public, charter and private), higher education institutions, as well as healthcare, non-profit and church / religious organizations.

Other benefits to vendors include

Complete Solutions: With three NCPA contracts that encompass a wide range of technology products and solutions, immixGroup offers end users a soup-to-nuts suite of solutions. Additionally, each of our three contracts allows us to add vendors and partners throughout the life of the contract, meaning our vendors and partners will be able to constantly expand their reach through a continuously developing channel network.

Ease of Use: NCPA makes the contract easy to use for government end users by training them on their eligibility and how to use the contract most effectively. The cooperative provides training to its contract holders as well, ensuring they’re receiving an acceptable ROI from the contract.

Less Upfront Negotiation: NCPA master contracts have streamlined terms and conditions that allow contract holders to incorporate vendor terms and conditions at the order level.

Ensuring your products are on the right contracts can become a full-time job. Adding your technology products to immixGroup’s NCPA contracts can lessen the administrative burden.


Want to learn more about how your technology can be added to immixGroup’s NCPA contracts or any of our other SLED contracts? Contact the immixGroup team at for more details.

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