What you need to know about selling to state and local in 2017

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Eliminating data center management will be key for state and local government in 2017.

Rachel EckertBy Rachel Eckert, consultant

The state and local government IT landscape is ever-changing as it grapples with shrinking budgets and expanding responsibilities. But there’s one overarching trend tech companies selling to the state and local market can profit from in 2017: shrinking technology portfolios.

Eliminating technology from state and local government doesn’t sound like it would bode well for industry, but if government tech organizations focus on more long-term and strategic IT efforts, they’ll shift the balance away from maintaining their technology portfolios and more towards innovating. That means they’ll be looking for companies for that maintenance help – read “outsourcing.”

Outsourcing has its share of positives and negatives but in general it provides an excellent cost-saving avenue for IT organizations. Not everything can be outsourced or even should be, but routine operations and maintenance of systems is a perfect venue for outsourcing, and that’s just what’s at the top of many IT organizations’ lists. Here are a few areas where IT organizations will use outsourcing for cost-savings:

  • Eliminating data center management
  • Removing on-premise data storage
  • Limiting in-house data maintenance
  • Shifting development of small applications
  • Managing passwords

By helping IT organizations with a variety of outsourcing, from data center management to making it easy for citizens to create applications using public data, technology companies can provide a much-needed boost to IT organization productivity.

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