Virginia’s Need for a Uniform Case Management Solution

Mark Wisingerby Mark Wisinger, Analyst

Judicial systemsVirginia’s Need for a Uniform Case Management Solution exemplify the ideal environment for case management software, as legal cases require incident management at various stages in the litigation process — with a multitude of possible outcomes. Legal case data is the perfect example of where analytics can help judicial systems identify typical actions for specific cases, as well as guide policy decisions at the top level. Case management software has the ability to arm and empower judicial systems with management and analytic capabilities, however state governments have underexploited case management tools.

The state of Virginia, for example, has a state-wide case management system for circuit courts, but with limited reach and capability. In terms of reach, the case management system is used in a limited amount of courts, excluding the major circuit courts of Alexandria, Fairfax, and Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach ceased contributing to the system in 2009, opting to employ its own case management system. Alexandria and Fairfax previously implemented their own systems, with their own enhancements.

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DISA’s Role in JIE Sparks Opportunity in IT Infrastructure

Kevin Shaker_65 x 85by Kevin Shaker, Analyst, Market Intelligence

For more DISA’s Role in JIE Sparks Opportunity in IT Infrastructurethan 5 years the broad mission statement within government IT has remained constant: save money and time while increasing efficiency. As part of DISA’s reorganization they’re still in the process of investing in networking and infrastructure solutions that will save future IT dollars.

Here are 3 things COTS vendors need to know about DISA’s new plan and its future impact on  infrastructure purchases:

1.) Efficiency is Key in Creating an Improved JIE

Last month DISA released a 5-year IT agenda aimed at cutting costs and reworking the network infrastructure, aligning with their goal of creating a pure Joint Information Environment (JIE). The plan calls for the integration of multiple encrypted network enclaves into a hyper-converged infrastructure. This means that if you’re a vendor offering consolidation, network administration, or virtualization products, you will want to reach out to DISA IT personnel with messaging on how your product can eliminate redundancies within the Pentagon’s information system framework, the IT infrastructure backbone of DOD.
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How COTS Products Can Drive Data Innovation at Government Agencies

Stephanie Meloni_65x85by Stephanie Meloni, Senior Analyst

At How COTS Products Can Drive Data Innovation at Government AgenciesAFCEA Bethesda’s 4th Annual Data Symposium last week, civilian agencies with data-centric missions gathered to talk data strategy, solution implementation, and share success stories. This event came on the heels of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) and Health Data Consortium’s Datapaloozas, demonstrating government agencies’ continuing emphasis on transitioning to a data-driven culture.

Daniel Morgan, the Chief Data Officer at the DOT, reported that his agency is shifting its analytics focus from retrospective to prospective  The Department wants to use data analytics to become more forward-thinking with urban planning, car and road safety, and other transportation projects. They want to use historical data to solve future problems. Taking this more proactive approach doesn’t necessarily mean using the latest-available technology or fancy applications. Often DOT’s challenge is just getting the data released in order to improve safety. Morgan reported agencies with a safety mission are better at sharing data than other agencies, but this is still an area with room for improvement and the DOT will be developing tools to help the agency better release its data.

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3 Areas State & Local Is Looking to Transform IT and Healthcare Management

Choice health or money. Caduceus and dollar signs on scales.Rachel Eckertby Rachel Eckert, Senior Analyst

In this new resource-constrained environment of “doing more with less,” state and local governments must find ways to increase delivery of Health & Human Services (HHS) to citizens without a corresponding increase to their budget. As state budgets continue to recover from the crippling 2008 recession, HHS agencies – while still holding a dominating share of the budget – are being encouraged to reform their approach to IT and healthcare management.  As such, states are looking to the COTs community to help them transform IT and Healthcare Management in three core areas:
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The Rundown on DOD’s Cyber, Cloud, and Big Data Priorities Part II

Lloyd McCoy Lloyd McCoy Jr., Consultant

Last week I went over some of the latest
The Rundown on DOD’s Cyber, Cloud, and Big Data Priorities cybersecurity and cloud initiatives out of DOD’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), from a recent AFCEA event I attended. While the event was focused primarily on how each department is aiming to expand their cyber and cloud capabilities, leveraging big data and analytics was a topic of discussion as well. On that note, I’d like to share with you DOD’s big data and analytics top priorities that came straight from program managers.

Below I’ve highlighted areas where DISA and CYBERCOM are looking to expand their capabilities in Big Data and Analytics

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The Rundown on DOD’s Cyber, Cloud, and Big Data Priorities

Lloyd McCoy Lloyd McCoy Jr., Consultant

I recently The Rundown on DOD’s Cyber, Cloud, and Big Data Priorities attended a multi-day AFCEA event highlighting the latest cybersecurity initiatives within the Department of Defense, primarily the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM). While the conference was mostly focused on cybersecurity, government speakers also spoke openly about what they’re doing in the areas of cloud and big data and analytics. Additionally, this event served as one of the last industry engagements for the Director of DISA, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, who will be replaced by Deputy Director, Alan Lynn in late July.

Below I’ve highlighted areas where DISA and CYBERCOM are looking to expand their capabilities in cybersecurity and cloud.

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New Developments in the FirstNet RFP

Tom O'KeefeTomas O’Keefe, Consultant, Market Intelligence

I’ve written New Developments in the FirstNet RFP about the First Responder Network, FirstNet, on this blog before because it’s a fantastic opportunity all COTS vendors should know about. TJ Kennedy, the acting executive director of FirstNet, just announced they’re having to delay the release of the FirstNet RFP until early 2016, which means you have more time to form teaming arrangements and conversations with program officers to gauge what technologies they’re looking to invest in.

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